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Ultimate Halloween Fest

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Ultimate Halloween Fest?
A: Ultimate Halloween Fest is a 6-week Halloween festival taking place at 2 locations. Sept 24-Oct 23 at Pope Lick Park and then Oct 2-31 at Paristown. Ultimate Halloween Fest is designed so that you customize your Halloween season experience. From live performances, music, movies, an escape room, jack-o-lantnerns, a haunted woods, and more, you can have a different experience EVERY WEEKEND!

Q: What are the hours?
A: Gates open at 7:30PM. Individual attraction and performance hours will vary. See schedule for details.

Q: Is it free?
A: Admission price to attractions vary. While the Halloween Parade & Street Fest is still free, there are attractions that are ticketed. Tickets are required for entry at Pope Lick Park. Ticketed options are listed on our ticketing page.

Q: Can you sell out?
A: Yes. In order to maintain a high quality experience for all guests, we will be limiting attendance. If there is a date you are interested in attending it is highly recommended that you purchase your tickets in advance.

Q: I want to come multiple nights, is there a season pass?
A: Yes. There is a season pass available for those that want to come multiple nights throughout the season.

Q: Will it be scary?
A: Ultimate Halloween Fest is designed to be the Halloween experience YOU want it to be. If you are looking for a scare, you can find it. If you're looking a classic fun, fall Halloween experience without the scare, you can find that too. Do Halloween YOUR WAY!

Q: What is the date of the Louisville Halloween Parade & Street Fest?
A: The Louisville Halloween Parade & Street Fest returns this fall on October 30 at Paristown. The parade route will be a little different this year and the festival grounds has been moved in an effort to further improve your Halloween experience.

Q: Is the Louisville Halloween Parade & Street Fest still free?
A: Yes! The Halloween Parade and street fest is still free to attend. There will be areas that require tickets to enter.

Q: Will Legend at Pope Lick Haunted Woods be open?
A: Yes! Legend at Pope Lick Haunted Woods will open as a part of Ultimate Halloween Fest. Legend at Pope Lick Haunted Woods will look a bit different this year. It is designed to be a free flowing experience. You will no longer wait in a queue line to go onto the trail. Experience it at your leisure, take photos, interact with cast members and have fun without the waits!

Q: What is Cirque Legende?
A: Cirque Legende is a REAL, full cirque performance team. They will be performing at various times throughout the night in the performance zone. Check the schedule for specific performance times. We will be doing our best to stay on schedule, but it may be off on occassion due to unplanned circumstances.

Q: What is The Haunting Escape Mansion?
A: The Haunting is a 7-minute escape room experience that takes place in a haunted mansion. Your goal is to solve the puzzles before the spirits of the mansion make you one of their own.

Q: What is Matt Goodlett's Monster Makers?
A: At Ultimate Halloween Fest you will experience a variety of Hollywood quality characters that Matt Goodlett's Monster Makers have brought to life. Now you have the ability to become a monster yourself! Visit the Monster Makers team to watch as they demonstrate different makeup techniques and even get a monster makeover.

Q: What is in the Monster Midway?
A: The Monster Midway will have a number of local vendors, artists, carnival games, food and more. If you enjoy fall festivals, imagine one that takes place in the woods!

Q: What is Campfire Scarytales?
A: Campfire Scarytales is an interactive storytelling attraction with built in scares. Not your average campfire story!

Q: Is Ultimate Halloween Fest kid-friendly?
A: Yes! It is designed to provide an experience for all walks of life. Since you control what kind of experience you have, you can choose which areas is best suited for your experience. We do advise that you pay close attention to the movie content as some movies may be too scary for some age groups.

Q: Is Ultimate Halloween Fest pet friendly?
A: Yes! We may be the only Halloween attraction virtually anywhere that welcomes the furry family. Furry family members are permitted so long as they remain on a leash, are well behaved (not interrupting others experience), and are not aggressive towards people or other pets. Please be respectful of other guests and cast members. We advise that you not take your pets into the scarier areas of Ultimate Halloween Fest as it may frighten them and destroy their experience.

Q: What if it rains?
A: This is an elaborate outdoor experience. In the event of adverse weather, we will be forced to close. However, your tickets will be honored another night of your choosing.